Fat Cells

Even though the picture to the left is not a fat cell, it is there as a reminder of what can lead to the creation fat cells when we eat these 'tasty' snacks. They contain preservatives, unhealthy fats and a lot of other things that our bodies cannot identify, but will store and keep in place with - you guessed it, fat cells.

Now I want to discuss in detail what fat cells are and how they function in our bodies.

As I said before, fat cells are created to contain unwanted and foreign substances in the body. Once fat cells are created they never go away, they are there for life, forever. We can, however, effectively reduce the size of these cells and that's when we start looking trim and slim again, but we can never get rid of them.

However, once we relax our game, start doing unhealthy things, eating unhealthy etc., fat is created again and stored in those same cells that were conveniently waiting to be used. And yes, you guessed it, weight gain results.

Now you understand why it is important to live and maintain healthy lifestyles. We do need healthy fat in our bodies, but moderation is very important. Having said that, we need to know what to eat, how to prepare what we eat and how much to eat. We must never starve ourselves, or eat too little. You see, the mind is the most complex and the most intelligent computer in all the Universe and the fastest too. The slightest nuance or change in the body is detected, analyzed and action taken in a nanosecond.

When we skip a meal, when we greatly reduce a meal below what our body requires, the mind immediately senses the reduction and forces the body to start taking remedial action. In simple terms, the body is triggered by the brain to continue to eat, until it gets what is required. No need for me to tell you where all that excess food is going to take up residence. Adrenalin hormones are released in overabundance, the body then creates fat to store the unwanted excess of Adrenalin and over time, the weight starts showing up and the 'battle of the bulge' starts all over again.

You see, there is a school of thought that encourages 'tricking the body into believing it is being fed' by eating bulky, low nutrient foods and yes, you will see a reduction in weight, BUT Mother Nature plays an even bigger trick and SHE always wins. While we believe we are winning the battle, fat is silently being stored. Remember, self-preservation is nature's first law. Those of us in this weight reduction war are very familiar with 'the plateau effect', when no matter what we do, nothing happens. Now you have an idea why that happens.

So now that we have a working idea about fat cells, it's time to talk about what to eat and how to prepare what we eat. We will have to rely on our knowledge of our bodies, how it works and what it requires to keep us alive and healthy. We are going to work with Mother Nature, not take on the impossible task of trying to trick her.

Follow me in my next blog.

Juliet Alleyne

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